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eVestigator® Simon Smith writes to ACORN with consumer concerns  

Simon Smith eVestigator® offers a free Pre-Investigation service with an NDA. eVestigator® has over 20 years experience as an expert Computer Programmer and University lecturer in multiple languages and for the last six years has been utilised as a Digital Forensic Expert Court Witness and Private/Factual Investigator, as well as an Expert Cyber Security Investigator and Auditor and Data Recovery Expert. He is also a Digital Forensics Expert Court Witness for any court, Mobile Cyber Security Analyst, Patentee, Mobile Device Author and a Computer Systems Source Code Auditor. He is able to offer a vast range of Specialist Investigative services. He is renowned in Australia as "Today Tonight's" Cyber-bullying Expert, Digital Forensic Expert Court Witness, Cyber Security / Cyber Crime Investigator, Insurance Risk Analyst, Data Loss/Prevention, Online/Offline Fraud, Intellectual Property eDiscovery / Due Diligence Expert, Education Expert, iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows/Linux/Unix/Mac/Windows CE/Nokia Computer Forensics Data Recovery Expert, Windows Certified Programmer, Family/Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Nationally Accredited Mediator, Source Code Inspection, Ethical Hacking/Reverse Engineering Expert, Corruption Investigator, Surveillance/Bug Detection & Litigation Support. He is highly qualified, experienced and has proven to attain fast and cost effective factual outcomes, complimented by his Commonwealth Graduate Diploma in Family Law Disputes Resolution, Counselling & Grief and Trauma Author.

Simply call 0410643121 to book in a time where he will provide you with an opportunity to sign a NDA and receive evidence from you and give you a definitive answer as to the direction he would give to add actual positive value to your situation. You may email or SMS. The email is He only works on successful cases and offers this service to assist in ensuring the client has travelled down the right path. Complimenting this, he is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, and General Factual Investigator. It costs you nothing. Give him a call on 0410643121 and you are welcome to fill in the Non Disclosure Agreement. eVestigator® felt that this deserves a little more than just a blog mention. eVestigator® has successfully dealt with 4 ACORN cases that have either gone cold (gathering dust for a year with no communication) or enormous delays with refusal to investigate. For eVestigator® the case was solved almost instantly, however there seems to be a systemic problem in the system. ACORN stands for "Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network". There website clearly represents to the public "The ACORN allows you to securely report cybercrime incidents which may be in breach of Australian law." It also states that, "The ACORN is a national policing initiative of the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments". The website invites the public to report CyberCrime and further attempts to educate CyberCrime awareness to the community stating that "CyberCrime is an issue which impacts the lives of many Australians. Cybercrimes are crimes which are directed at computers or other devices (for example, hacking), and where computers or other devices are integral to the offence (for example, online fraud, identity theft and the distribution of child exploitation material). It encourages the reporting of CyberCrime inviting the public to report such crime, stating that by protecting yourself online, you can help make Australia a harder target for cyber criminals stating that this will help our law enforcement agencies to better combat the growing threat of CyberCrime in Australia. eVestigator® makes no comment as to the result of the below outcome from ACORN, in which his client gave to him with consent in outrage over ACORN in a very serious crime - and along wait for the letter below. We shall keep you posted. ACORN have not responded to the letter and instead have began a personal attack as against me for raising the many complaints to their attention.

However, although eVestigator® congratulates the Government for recognising it, as an expert in the industry was shocked to see after several months of no communication, a letter in response to a client who is in distress with real hacking issues with contents similar to the following:

Good afternoon XXXXXXX,

Your ACORN report has been received and assessed by WA Police. We received many allegations of computer hacking. We are not in a position to interrogate individual computers to confirm that a PC has in fact been hacked.

WA Police require a report from a qualified computer technician outlining the following before an investigation can be commenced:

* How the computer was remotely accessed
* Relevant IP address from the offending computer
* Confirmation that files have been remotely deleted and not inadvertently deleted at source
* Presence of any malware

Once we have received this report we can progress an investigation. What you describe is becoming more common everyday with the offenders being based overseas which leaves little avenue for investigation or result. As I am sure you are aware, if hackers have remotely accessed your computer they may have access to secure data and passwords.

I would strongly suggest that you contact your bank via phone or a different computer and change your passwords and security questions. This also applies to all other accounts (email / eBay etc.) you have that are accessed by that particular computer. We have recorded your information as a local task but due to the nature of the offence and overseas links the report will be filed for intelligence purposes pending receipt of the above mentioned report."

Expert samples of how he can help

Cyber Security, Cyber Bullying, Workplace Issues, Criminal Success, Civil Success, Digital Forensic Expert Evidence and so much more..

His successes - not even a fraction, check testimonials and request advice

He has saved people hundreds of thousands of dollars in establishing hard facts prior to and in avoidance of litigation. Such facts are unknown to the general community and the investment in his services has proven this over and over again. Human testimonials are available.

The Industry

As a successful Expert Programmer and Lecturer of Advanced Programming and Entrepreneur at a very young age, he grew up with the birth of the internet and knows the skeleton foundations of where to look, making this statement fact, proving successful outcomes in many cases.

Cyber Crime

Statute and treaty law both refer to cybercrime. In Australia, cybercrime has a narrow statutory meaning as used in the Cybercrime Act 2001 (Cwlth), which details offences against computer data and systems. However, a broad meaning is given to cybercrime at an international level. In the Council of Europe's Cybercrime Treaty (EST no. 185), cybercrime is used as an umbrella term to refer to an array of criminal activity including offences against computer data and systems, computer-related offences, content offences, and copyright offences. This wide definition of cybercrime overlaps in part with general offence categories that need not be ICT dependent, such as white-collar crime and economic crime as described in Grabosky P & Sutton A 1989, Stains on a white collar. Sydney: Federation Press.

High tech crime

High tech crime is a common label used by both the Australian High Tech Crime Centre and by the National High Tech Crime Unit in the United Kingdom. These agencies deal with crimes that rely on the use of ICT, or which target ICT equipment, data and services. Their focus is on the complex networking capacity of ICT, which creates a previously unimaginable platform for committing and investigating criminal activity. High tech emphasises the role of ICT in the commission of the offence. Different practical considerations arise according to whether ICT equipment, services or data are the object of the offence, or whether ICT is the tool for the commission of a 'material component of the offence'.

eVestigator® (a 100% positive result success rate to date)


Hi I'm Simon Smith, Cyber Forensics Expert Court Witness, Expert Investigator and the eVestigator®. I have worked on too many high, middle and low profile cases to count. This page only lists very few. It is amazing to see how much difference fact makes and how much money it can save a client. I often see clients who have wasted $100,000+ on litigation and gotten nowhere, and then I have a result for them (in one particular case) in just 2 weeks. That is how I work. I am just the person, with the independence, skills, knowledge and background, equipped as a specialist forensic, qualified Private Investigator to trace conduct back to its source, to affirm, expand on or re-create a scenario of alleged conduct for you.

I was born in an era of technology and rapid advancement, I manage and have managed enormous enterprises for over 20 years - programming in every language combined with strong and proven civil, criminal, factual and government investigation skills and credibility, having given intelligence to Ombudsman, Ministers and the Auditor-General. My knowledge and unique experience gives me that competitive edge to give independent, expertly obtained fact.

When I was 20, I started a three-year stint as a lecturer in Advanced Computer Programming at Swinburne University of Technology. I was also employed as an Analyst Programmer at the time, I already had about 10 years (mostly childhood) experience of programming in earlier languages and programming a server capable of handling the very first real commercial internet traffic. eCrime and White Collar Fraud, eFraud, Cyber-Squatting, Cyber-Stalking, Cyber Attacks (denial of service and more), Intellectual Property Breaches and so much more have grown from systemic mistakes made in the growth of the public internet/intranets over the years, and *will* continue. As the inventor of computer-reliant patents, I am making history and was praised by three Federal Court Judges in the full Federal Court of Australia in a case related to defeating the Commissioner of Patents attempt to revoke a patent.

I am an expert in software related IP marks. I am in a position to demonstrate algorithms that can assist a Court or jury with understanding a crime or offence in simple terms. With experience, credibility (Commonwealth FDRP, NMAS Mediator, CMC, Forensic Investigator and more) alongside commercial experience programming and investigating software engineering holes, and expert programming on all platforms spanning 20 years, I can help illustrate to the court, justice and/or jury, beyond reasonable doubt, how, when and why events occur in simple terms to affirm intent and conduct.

CORPORATE & GOVERNMENT FORENSIC INVESTIGATIONS (Any kind of investigation or SCAM discovery including corruption, fraud and more)

eVestigator® has extensive experience in Corporate and Independent Government Investigations and the skills and experience to back it up. For example, I uncovered fraud and corrupt conduct within a government department and provided a full investigative report to the Auditor-General and Ombudsman, proving a breach to the Minister's Gazetted pricing structures in the education regulatory instrument unveiling over $7m of overcharging of education stakeholders, as well as affirming in person with the Auditor-General and Minister identical evidence found in his audit, uncovering identical breaches to legislation. I have also since uncovered corrupt and improper conduct on the part of the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission and the Department of Justice, which will be subject to further legal action initiated by myself. Furthermore, many of the breaches I found in the first case were proven when I demonstrated that or six years the state of Western Australia did not even understand their own training legislation or its definitions (allegedly intentionally), and a six year decision was majorly overturned in my favour.


One of the major players in Cyber-Crime is undoubtedly, the misuse of domain names for example, phishing (the practice of purporting to be another site like a bank by copying its looks and design and changing one spelling element of the domain or change the reply-to address to fool the consumer). This has been going on for a long time and its safe to say that there needs to be stronger governance on the way AusRegistry enforce auDA policy from a Cyber-Security and especially and intellectual property point of view. Recently released (January 2016), AusRegistry released the publication aside to the general public. It contains some useful educational advice. It is called "behind the dot" and you can open it up by clicking here. Mostly as a forensic cyber expert, I can certainly agree with many suggestions made in the publication and disagree with others. According to the document there are currently 3,000,766 .au domains registered. I agree whole-heartedly that the .au namespace instills trust in Australian consumers, but it is this very trust that is abused. It appears that the introduction of DNSSEC seems to be a step forward in the right direction to solve cyber issues as mentioned in the publication but I do not think that this itself is anywhere near enough. Currently you must have a matching commercial interest in the domain name. This is usually followed by an ABN. This is somewhat not always the case. For example, a non profit organisation is usually a, but so is a "special interest club". In defining a special interest club, it appears to be a group of individuals with a common interest, like a football club. This does not mean they are a not for profit association, and fall under the realms of that Act. It does mean they are generally not for profit but this definition is somewhat confusing and misused in my opinion. Not even the registrar's really know the rules around this. Going back to DNSSEC, this stands for Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), being a suite of extensions that add security to the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol by enabling DNS responses to be validated. Specifically, DNSSEC provides origin authority, data integrity, and authenticated denial of existence. This technically means nothing to the Cyber-Criminal if they send an email from within a hacked network. There needs to be a cryptographic key to the email authenticating not just the origin but the true sender. Potentially a disgruntled employee may send an email on behalf of the company and have a reply-to address going somewhere completely different, stealing all the companies clients. This is something I've seen before.

There is also an article on domain hijacking. This makes good reading, however I do ask that (in my experience) too many people (look at my other blogs) rely on wizards and magical hosting companies that can pull out a quick cheap magical template from thin air, with a trick - they host it. There are so many people that lose their domain due to being ill informed or not even knowing who or where their domain hosting is, let alone the code behind it. Businesses have to turn back to more traditional methods. Every single part of this website is written by myself, I do not trust nor rely on anyone as you simply cannot afford to in business. So as long as people opt for the cheap and easy templated open-source hosted 'wordpress' or similar way out, domain hijacking is here to stay!

"We do not have to all be experts, sometimes common sense is enough". eVestigator® - Simon Smith
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Why Me? - I'm not just a Forensic Expert

I am also a Nationally Accredited Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Reverse Engineering Expert and Cyber Security Expert. I also have Graduate Diploma level skills Digital Education and Management and have a strong business understanding, as well as businesses experience when it comes to disputes and how to save money and not fall into a loop where you spend money and get nowhere. I have had significant experience in IP disputes, Patents and Trademarks and I am an expert in the Education Industry, as well as a commercial authorised Apple, Android and Certified Windows Developer, having made several commercial applications and having built several multi-million dollar enterprises. I understand, which is where my advocacy service assist greatly, and saves you money.

I am a Forensic Private Investigator qualified under the Victoria Police Private Investigator Licencing Regulation Department - Simon Smith t/as eVestigator

This gives me the skills to see through the lines, get fact, without fear or favour, whether its for or against the government or for or against a civil entity, I find fact.

I am a Nationally Accredited Mediator accredited by the MSB under the NMAS and Commonwealth Appointed Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

These skills are an absolute necessity and are often what is missing with other professionals. It enables me to determine the suitable jurisdiction and to better understand the dispute and resolutions, which saves you money, and my client's praise this ability. Especially with family situations, as in many cases an FDRP, in normal circumstances, is the only person that can sign a s60(i) under the Family Law Act granting permission to enter proceedings involving children after mediation.

I am a Professional Advocate

This is the most important part. I am happy to say that by joining all my skills together, and gaining permission from my clients to work with others like Lawyers, Barristers, Government Authorities, the Police, I can guide them through to an actual total outcome. Many people deliver services in pieces, and you either end up wasting your money with nothing, or having to re-explain everything again multiple times costing you more money. I like to see them through. My clients have told me I have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars, and come to an expedited outcome after years of fighting.

eVestigator writes to ACORN with serious concerns

This is the most important part. I am happy to say that by joining all my skills together, and gaining permission from my clients to work with others like Lawyers, Barristers, Government Authorities, and the Police when they abide by the law, I can guide them through to an actual beneficial outcome, and not just a 'see you later' response. Many people deliver services in pieces, and you either end up wasting your money with nothing, or having to re-explain everything again multiple times costing you more money. I like to see them through. My clients have told me I have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars, and come to an expedited outcome after years of fighting.

Success (Samples have been de-Identified)

Note: This is only a very early stage layout of some successes. There has been many more over the years and many more happening almost daily. They tend to now appear either anonymously or via way of comment, updated regularly as time permits in both the blog or evident in the numerous testimonials. Please make sure you check them out.

I love my job - the best way to show competence is with fact, so here is just a sample of de-identified cases Simon Smith, Australia's very own eVestigator® has been involved in.

I found the IP identity of the fake Microsoft Tech Support Scammer (or one of them - and gave it to ACORN). Now this was interesting. More than 90% of my clients come to me frustrated after not having any luck with the police or ability to make a statement. This one particular client (a very smart man) received a call one day and being the trusting person he is, he was strongly led to believe his computer was infected with a virus and Microsoft have detected it and are calling him to fix the problem. Everyone has different thresholds and trust levels but I can understand how an older gentleman would believe this could be the case. To cut a long story short the person with an Indian accent got him to install remote control software on his machine, allowing the 'hacker' to install malware, giving full access to his computer when connected and online at anytime. Plus, he thought he would throw in a low level password and bribe the gentleman to pay money in order for Microsoft to remove the password from his computer.

The gentleman spent $1500 (it could have been more) to this 'entity' and nothing happened. They still however said they needed more money. The gentleman then reported the crime to the police who did not take a statement despite it being a crime under the Crimes Act 1958, and sent him to ACORN. ACORN (people believe) is a division of the police force to report and act on cyber-crime. The gentleman swiftly received notification from ACORN with a fact sheet and some general advice and said nothing could be done.

This is when I got involved. When he presented his laptop to me I was able to take off the important data and remove the entire malware/virus, and even further since they were still trying to get money out of him, I decided to locate them. Via propietary techniques, I attained the criminals IP Address, IP, Mobile device make, firmware which was in India. As it turns out, ACORN ended up making a complaint about me for not telling them what I found out - saying I had a duty to report it. I did tell my client to report it but must admit was taken back from that approach and was insulted. Nevertheless I got over it, and sent ACORN the identifying details so they 'might' take action. What happened to Interpol? The police have always had the ability to report international crimes. I have seen letters from customers where ACORN have said "we cannot investigate international crimes" or words to that effect. So, I solved perhaps one of Australia's biggest SCAM's that ever existed. My client thanked me prefusively and that was relieving. I ended up taking it further with ACORN but at the end of the day it is a small world and a lot of crime and this was something that they may have been too busy for. Nevertheless I continue to help people get real justice.

I uncovered one of the largest DDoS cyber-attacks (with this case being followed closely in the media) involving defamation of a celebrity. I uncovered and traced an underground crime syndicate that was responsible for spamming over 24 million people at the request of a disgruntled ex-business partner. I found the link to identify the accused on the balance of probability. This was a massive find, with no leads, and with sheer investigative work, a series of events have led to what could be considered extreme reasonable doubt against the accuser's story. The case is privileged and ongoing, no more generic information can be provided in this matter.

I was approached on behalf of one of the world's largest insurance companies to assist in the underwriting, in conjunction with their solicitors, of new Cyber-Security and Indemnity policies, the development of new risks in this ever changing industry, requesting assistance in indemnity wording and risk and creating PDS's around new and innovative white collar fraud and cyber-attacks in the media at the moment.

I was requested to analyse voice biometrics to determine if a suspect had made a hoax bomb threat by telephone and was requested to advise the lawyer of the accused on what should technically be requested from the police and gave intelligence as to the voice codec and causing reasonable doubt of biometric distortion in a compressive lossy voice algorithm. This was a very serious case with charges under the new Anti-Terrorism laws.

I was recently approached by an individual seeking help after being accused of several counts of hearsay sexual offenses leading back over eight years, with the evidence reliant on MSN and Facebook data. This case is pending; however as the accused was pleading innocent, I was able to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt the unreliability of supposed forensic data relying on old MSN messages.

I was approached and subsequently investigated and compiled an expert report in conjunction with a solicitor's privacy policy detailing the privacy implications, after inspection of the source code and auditing of the non-identifiable hash algorithms that intercepted mobile Wi-Fi beacon signals for the purpose of tracking retail customers, I gave security and privacy protection recommendations based on my findings.

I worked with State Regulators, providing intelligence which led to two convictions, stopping an unqualified electrician performing further illegal, unsafe and non-compliant electrical work. He was convicted and fined.

I investigated and provided evidence to ASIC of the deceitful and misleading actions of a Director who allegedly breached the Corporations Act and committed an act of Bankruptcy. He on behalf of his company allegedly applied for deregistration during court proceedings to avoid paying debts arising from judgment against him. I supplied a brief of evidence which is now with the CDPP for prosecution. I also achieved reinstatement of the closed company. The company is now in liquidation.